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I told my first story at five when I convinced a neighbor my sister was born without a heart. By day, I am a grant writer for a regional homeless shelter. I have an interest in time travel, disintergration, and cultural identity. I also really love cats.

News and a Fun Fact

First some news:

My parents are visiting from Chicago this weekend so don’t expect a post until Tuesday (but I hope to have one up on Monday!). This weekend is Mardi Gras so stay tuned for a fun Mardi Gras post (but not too fun, we aren’t in NOLA, after all!).

A Fun Fact:

Do you leave two spaces after a period when typing on the computer? If you do, you are responsible for carrying over an archaic habit developed from typewriters. Typewriters wouldn’t leave a proper amount of space after a period so, to compensate for the lack of technology and to make it clear that there was a punctuation mark, typers would have to hit the space bar twice. This isn’t necessary for computers but many people, even younglings that never used a typewriter, still double space. If you double space, you are either the last grasp to typewriters or needlessly holding on to old habits, see it as you will!

Have a great weekend and stay safe over the Mardi Gras weekend (and if you have access to punchkis, please mail them down to the South!)



God wanted to give a gift to every child on the earth. At first, he wanted to create each child a raindrop. But rain was too unpredictable. He then wanted to create each child a cloud. But with so many children, no one would ever see the sun. Instead, he had the angels cut a snowflake for each child. Every winter a snowflake that was made just for you falls, just for you.

Song In My Head 2.5.13

Kevin and I have always cooked dinner together even when we just started dating. Normally, we are have NPR’s World Cafe on as we cut and simmer and early in our relationship The Avett Brothers’ “Kick Drum Heart” came on. I don’t remember what we were cooking but I do remember jumping around the kitchen pretending to know the words. Since my last few songs have been slow, (and because I just got out of a mega tough workout) my head-radio decided to kick it up a notch. This song always makes me think of the early days of our relationship when I basically lived out of a room and we went to the beach nearly every day.

Here it is, the song in my head, “Kick Drum Heart” by the Avett Brothers.

A Twitter Feud for the Felines

I started following Damon Lindelof because he wrote LOST, I kept following him for his hatred of Fancy Feast. Yes, like the cat food. Lindelof serves a heaving dose of self-loathing and, sure, between LOST and Prometheus, he has a handful of haters. I’m sure he has plenty of fans as well but you’d never know from his Twitter account. The best evidence of his snark and loathing? His semi, one sided feud with Fancy Feast. It’s one part satire, one part self-loathing, and a heavy dose of marketing hatred aimed towards the cat food company. And it’s hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites.

Lindelof v. Fancy FeastEven though I am very married, I can’t help but feel like a crazy cat lady when my shopping cart consist of red wine and twelve cans of, ironically, Fancy Feast. The lonely-looking factor gets upped with each article of clothing made out of sweatshirt material.

Sure, the self-loathing gets to me at some moments (you’re a successful writer! A little bit of cheer is warranted!)  I always look forward to his cat food hatred. Who knew cat food could produce so much hate?

The Song In My Head 2.4.13

It’s a warm but foggy day here in Florida and rain looks like it’s lurking. And on dreary, yet dreamy, days like today, my radio-in-my-head automatically tunes itself to Van Morrison. He is my favorite rainy day artist but since it isn’t technically raining (yet), one of his more dreamy songs, “Into the Mystic,” is in my head today.

I don’t know if it’s his voice, the horns, or the wave-like images that the music evokes that make this song a constant in my mind but I sure do love it. Van Morrison has a strong rating in my nostalgia-meter– his songs were always blaring at my house growing up– so maybe it’s the warm-fuzzies that make my mind hark to this song on cold (well, for Florida) days.

Here it is, the song in my head for the day, “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison.


Site Updates

If you haven’t figured it out already, I made a few changes to the blog. Most drastically, instead of being DIY focused, it will be everything focused. I will be merging my other blogs into this one.

Some fun new things: All my fiction will be posted here and every day I will post about the song in my head. I will also be better at following the progress of my Life List and will do write ups of the books I read (they are all posted on my Book List). There will be a heavy influx of pop culture including reactions to my favorite shows. A few other things I always wanted to do but never had the venue will also be posted here including outfit photos and pictures of my dressmaking.

It will be a lot more varied but, hopefully, a lot more consistent (maybe I will finally tackle #50 on my life list!).

Thank you for reading.


The Song In My Head 2.2.13

I remember when I was in High School, I had to listen to NPR for speech team. I hated it. News, talk, news, talk, jazz music. How wrong was I? Now, I plan my day around my favorite NPR shows. My favorite favorite? World Cafe. Now that I no longer work in radio (and live in a horrible music market), it is one of the only places I can find new bands and discover older bands that originated my favorite genres.

Last Tuesday, Aaron Embry was on the show and played songs off his new album, Tiny Prayers. The album borrows from my favorite musical elements: folk, carnival-ish sounds (if that makes any sense to anyone but me!), dreamy simple piano (I just picture a piano in a dark corner of an empty bar, a little light shining through the window form a near by streetlamp), romantic melodies,  a voice with a bit of trying to it, and songs that can be listened to on your own or song to someone.

Today I woke up in a dark room, window framing a sunny January day that looks like it belongs to April. Embry’s song “Your Heart and Mine” instantly played in my head. It’s not for everyone but it’s got a great 19th century sound and bit of talking done right (don’t know why but it always appeals to me). The best way I can describe the song as a an edited, gentle, more romantic, folk version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’  Poor Song.

So here it is, “Your Heart and Mine,” the song that I will be humming all day.