News and a Fun Fact

First some news:

My parents are visiting from Chicago this weekend so don’t expect a post until Tuesday (but I hope to have one up on Monday!). This weekend is Mardi Gras so stay tuned for a fun Mardi Gras post (but not too fun, we aren’t in NOLA, after all!).

A Fun Fact:

Do you leave two spaces after a period when typing on the computer? If you do, you are responsible for carrying over an archaic habit developed from typewriters. Typewriters wouldn’t leave a proper amount of space after a period so, to compensate for the lack of technology and to make it clear that there was a punctuation mark, typers would have to hit the space bar twice. This isn’t necessary for computers but many people, even younglings that never used a typewriter, still double space. If you double space, you are either the last grasp to typewriters or needlessly holding on to old habits, see it as you will!

Have a great weekend and stay safe over the Mardi Gras weekend (and if you have access to punchkis, please mail them down to the South!)


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