The Song In My Head 2.2.13

I remember when I was in High School, I had to listen to NPR for speech team. I hated it. News, talk, news, talk, jazz music. How wrong was I? Now, I plan my day around my favorite NPR shows. My favorite favorite? World Cafe. Now that I no longer work in radio (and live in a horrible music market), it is one of the only places I can find new bands and discover older bands that originated my favorite genres.

Last Tuesday, Aaron Embry was on the show and played songs off his new album, Tiny Prayers. The album borrows from my favorite musical elements: folk, carnival-ish sounds (if that makes any sense to anyone but me!), dreamy simple piano (I just picture a piano in a dark corner of an empty bar, a little light shining through the window form a near by streetlamp), romantic melodies,  a voice with a bit of trying to it, and songs that can be listened to on your own or song to someone.

Today I woke up in a dark room, window framing a sunny January day that looks like it belongs to April. Embry’s song “Your Heart and Mine” instantly played in my head. It’s not for everyone but it’s got a great 19th century sound and bit of talking done right (don’t know why but it always appeals to me). The best way I can describe the song as a an edited, gentle, more romantic, folk version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’  Poor Song.

So here it is, “Your Heart and Mine,” the song that I will be humming all day.



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