Baking Bread

I can make bread from scratch but it turns into a whole day ordeal and I just don’t have a whole day. My parents found a bread machine for me at a garage sale when they were down in October and it is magical.

Man was given a gift when god bestowed upon him the bread machine.

Tonight, Kevin and I decided to picnic on the beach and I thought I would make some homemade bread.  I had a hard time finding I plain ol’ basic bread recipe.

I found plenty of odd breads like asparagus and lentil bean but only a few very basic ones. This one is pretty much cup for cup from Hillbilly Housewife.  The recipe is below. I usually have loaf of this or cinnamon raisin in the house at all times.

Every Day Bread

1 cup hot water

1 tsp salt

3 Tb oil (I use 2 Tb olive oil and 1 veg oil but you can mix and match)

3 Tb Honey or Sugar (I use honey)

2 cups Whole Wheat Flour

1 cup white flour (I use all purpose but you can use bread flour. I hear its better)

2 tsp yeast (some people like to make a little dent in their flour and insert the yeast but, if your making your bread right away, it doesn’t make a difference. If you are programming your bread machine, they make sure water can’t touch your yeast)

Place the ingredients, in listed order, in your machine. Set at the Basic or White mode. Let it do its thang. I make garlic butter for my bread but that is purely optional.


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